Commercials & Sponsorship

Several of our advanced students are working to attend state (Florida Scholastic Press Association) and national (Student Television Network) media competitions, and we hope that you can help!  We aren’t looking for hand-outs… just a chance to earn your sponsorship!  You can purchase a sponsorship or commercial for your business that will air on our student news program, WSRH News.  Our newscast airs daily to our student body of approximately 2,500 students and staff members.   This is a great opportunity to promote your business and support our television production students!

There are three ways you can help sponsor us:

Sponsorship Opportunity #1: COMMERCIAL

Air a 30-second commercial for your business on at least 5 episodes of WSRH News.  The news team would be responsible for creating a commercial for your business and we would air this commercial to our student body for a full week (or at least 5 episodes).  This sponsorship is $200.00. 

Sponsorship Opportunity #2: SPONSOR A SINGLE SHOW

Sponsor an episode of WSRH News.  We would show your logo/business card and state your sponsorship of the show at least twice during a single broadcast.  This sponsorship is $50.00.


Sponsorship Opportunity #3: BANNER

Purchase a Banner!   Businesses can show they support the Hawks and help students in our TV Production Academy by purchasing a banner that will be displayed in front of the school for a year.  This sponsorship is $600 and the proceeds (minus the banner cost of approximately $115) go to our Academy and can be earmarked for the student who sells it.


You can download a copy of the Sponsorship Letter and Contract here:  WSRH Sponsorship Letter and Contract

You can download a copy of the the Banner Order form here: Banner Order Form ADVERTISING SCREENS

If you have any questions regarding these sponsorship opportunities, please feel free to call Earle Wright, Television Production Academy instructor, at (561) 422-2693 or email him at, subject: Sponsorship.