WSRH Extra Logo HDWSRH EXTRA is a student-driven show! You are expected to bring story ideas, cover stories after school hours and develop a nose for journalism.

Students work with a partner and are required to turn in a news package/project every 2 weeks. In the professional world, missed deadlines are not acceptable in news. In competition, late work is automatically disqualified. Therefore, in our class late work will not be accepted!

WSRH Extra will begin the year as a bi-weekly show. The newscast will run every 2 weeks on Friday afternoons from 2:30 – 2:45 p.m. All segments will be due on the Wednesday or Thursday before the show date.   This should give you plenty of time to produce a quality story.

Sample week:WSRH Sample Week Schedule


Welcome Back!   WSRH EXTRA will begin broadcasting soon… but first we have to train our crew and hold anchor auditions!



None Yet!




Nearly every project you will work on for WSRH EXTRA will be a News Package.  Usually a “Feature” story.   The chart below shows you what steps you must accomplish for each story and their respective point values.  Follow the steps, do your best and tell a great story that you can be proud of!

Package Steps Graphic

Below are the forms and links you will need to produce your news packages and perform successfully in this class!

  1. WSRH EXTRA Pitch Sheet
  2. Pre-Production Worksheet
  3. Now write your script on
  4. Now post a Social Media Tease with relevant picture and tag it on Twitter @SeminoleRidgeTV
  5. Self Critique