Seminole Ridge TV nearly sweeps state FAME Awards

The Seminole Ridge TV Production Academy nearly swept the annual state-wide FAME Jim Harbin Student Media Festival in Orlando this weekend.  Seminole Ridge TV walked away with trophies in a record 8 out of 11 video categories!


1st PLACE DOCUMENTARY:  Cheating: The New Norm by Cara Engh, Kaci Sleeth, Danny Wiseman, Cristian Lagos, Ricky Moore, Case Mewbourn, Griffin Yohn, Amy Chung, Matt Hernandez and William Muniz.

1st PLACE NEWS FEATURE: Paperbag Princess by Amber Pellicone, Kelly Mathews and Connor Ryan

1st PLACE BOOK TRAILER: An Abundance of Katherines by Kaci Sleeth, Michael Loizzo, Cara Engh, Julissa Valiente, Nick Koenig and Amber Pellicone

1st PLACE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: Pizza Puffs by Cara Engh, Kaci Sleeth and Julissa Valiente


2nd PLACE MUSIC VIDEO: Fly by Michael Loizzo, Rebecca Patterson, Danny Wiseman, Griffin Yohn, Cristian Lagos and Carly Sprague

2nd PLACE DRAMA: Late Bloomer by Cara Engh, Kaci Sleeth, Ricky Moore and Nick Koenig

2nd PLACE PUBLIC SERVICE VIDEO: Mother Earth by Skylar Fillman, Mariela Pina and Kirstie-Anna Perez