Seminole Ridge LIP DUB 2019

Since 2014, Seminole Ridge has been producing LIP DUB videos and each year it gets bigger, better and more complicated.  This year’s theme was “Everyone Wants to Be a HAWK” and we invited all of our feeder schools to be a part of it.  Three of those schools (Frontier Elementary, Acreage Pines Elementary & Osceola Creek Middle) were able to make the time to be a part of the final video.  Some 8th grade Western Pines & Osceola Middle School students who take spanish classes at the Ridge were also featured.

As always, Mrs. Long and her SGA students did a fabulous job helping to produce and coordinate the LIP DUB.   Students from the Television Production Academy are featured throughout the video and represented the Ridge with great spirit and creative performances.  Here’s the official video and a behind-the-scenes story by The Education Network!

Our friends at Dreyfoos School of the Arts also decided to create their own Lip Dub for the first time, so WILD 95.5 decided to create 2 different polls (Twitter & Facebook) to decide which one was better.   Happy to report that Seminole Ridge won both polls!  GO HAWKS!